The body is resilient. Human beings are born resilient. To sustain health, we need body, mind, emotion, and spirit resilience. Nia
movement and Nia routines provide the perfect map to develop body and life resilience skills.

RESILIENCE happens in the background; at a level, we don't see with what is natural to a body: resilience attention. To sustain
homeostasis resilience is the body’s way of responding to anything out of balance. With the right kind of awareness, you can develop
resilience attention and use it to cooperatively communicate with your body. You can learn to use resilience attention to create a
foundation to support you with the physical resilience needed to balance the movement of stability and mobility. Use this body of
work to create a resilient moving body, attentive mind, emotionally expressive body, and a resilient one-of-a-kind dancing spirit.

In the routine RESILIENCE, you are encouraged to “imagine” and tap into the wisdom of your mind’s inner eyesight to enhance the
felt sense relationship “with” resilience in your feet. Each song and its choreography provide you the opportunity to develop physical
resilience and mental resilience attention.

The routine RESILENCE will teach you to become aware of mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual resilience, and help you develop
the skill of using imagination to enhance moving and support systemic movement. Imagining your core as a “trunk of the tree,” your
feet as “roots of the tree,” your arms as “branches of a tree,” and your fingers as “leaves of the tree” will help to engage your whole
body and help you establish the physical resilience to dynamically move in and through space.

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