Nia Routine EXPRESS Choreographed by Debbie Rosas + Kelle Rae Oien

EXPRESS came out of a desire to introduce Nia as a unique expression of “jazz” dance, with the intent to expand teacher’s and student’s understanding of the
possibilities available to express the language of Nia as a unique style and expression of “jazz.”

The FOCUS of the Nia routine EXPRESS is JAZZ expressed in Nia movement art dancing.

The INTENT is to train the Nia teacher and student to breathe life and JAZZ personality into Nia choreography.
Unique to the EXPRESS routine was the involvement of Kelle, me, and the Santa Fe StudioNia community. Our combined collaboration made it possible to work
on a body of work, test it on students, and receive pertinent feedback to help us create a body of work that can stand alone, stand the test of time, and be
something we can be proud of. EXPRESS is a unique combination of many styles of “jazz” brought to life with the language of Nia. The choreography, music, and
intentional repetition of moves and patterns are designed to inspire mastering the skill of “personalizing” movement, moving your body’s way while sustaining
the body’s way form and function.

It is our desire that this body of work awakens you to your dancer within! Enjoy the felt sense of your body’s tissues, bones, joints, breath, and skin dancing and
expressing your JAZZ dance.

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