Beast Workout

Beast Workout


High-Intensity Interval Conditioning

Focus: The sensation of Nia’s holistic interval training.

Choreographer: Kelle Rae Oien

Release Date: September 2019

Beast MOVE it ® Level 2 Class integrates 4 phases, 4 kinds of conditioning, 7 cycles and 52 moves delivered in 60-second intervals. In a Nia MOVE it ® Level 2 Class moving through the first three power phases happens quickly.

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Beast Workout


  • BEAST - Classic Nia Workout with Christina Mae Wolf

    Join Christina Mae Wolf for a Classic Nia experience set to the powerful soundtrack of the Nia routine BEAST.

    In this 60-minute Classic Nia Experience you will:
    ♢ Experience + Learn each of Nia's 52 Moves
    ♢ Learn to combine the Nia 52 Moves into patterns and choreography to stimulate brain + bod...