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Day 3 - Feeling

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Day 4 - Bailando

7-Day Music & Movement Wellness Program • 4m 40s

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  • Day 3 - Feeling

    Song: From Russia With Love

    Dynamically engage your whole body.
    Ground and center, through your feet and legs.
    Engage your spine to free your core.
    Play with speeds to stimulate breathing.
    Engage the eyes to more your head and neck.

  • Day 2 - Velvet

    Song: Your Sincerely

    Blend your body with the space, moving freely.
    Move an imaginary Chi Ball in a figure eight.
    Move the elbows to engage the spine.
    Use the eyes to move the head and engage the pelvis to activate the sensation of “mobility” and “flexibility” from the ground up.
    Develop speed i...

  • Day 1 -Butterfly

    Song: Winds From the East

    Move from crouched into standing upright.
    Systemically move in Your Body’s Way, personalizing the moves.
    Tuck and extend the bones of your arms like “wings” of a butterfly.
    Move up and down through high, middle and low planes.
    Use the eyes to engage your head and integr...